Christian Ballard
songwriter / producer / mixer

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  • Chris Ballard has always had music in his blood. He grew up in a musical family, waking up every day to the sound of drum machines and guitars ringing through the house from his father's home studio. Chris's father 'Russ Ballard' has been a hugely successful songwriter and producer for the last 40 years, writing notable hits such as "Since you've been Gone" for Rainbow and "So you win again" for Hot chocolate amongst many others. Chris knew from a young age he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps.

    Chris had his first publishing deal at 18 and his first record deal at 20 and always loved music in every form, he would eventually have many records released in different guises and in many styles from Hardcore and Jungle to Hip-hop and Rock.

  • He had his first major publishing deal at 22, signing to Windswept Pacific in 1998, he soon realised that he had the desire to produce music as well as writing, he always tried to make his demo's sound as professional as possible and this led to Chris naturally evolving into pop production.

    In the next 6 years he had a string of production and writing successes which included 4 top ten hits and another 4 top twenties in the UK, as well as chart successes in many other territories, including his first number 1, for the South African Popstars band "101" in 2002.

    He scored his second number 1 in 2006 when Chris co-wrote and produced the number one song "Shame" for the band Monrose. Another string of hits continued in the next 3 years!

  • Now with over fifteen international hit records including the UK, Germany and as far afield as Japan over the last six years as one half of the Snowflakers production team, Chris Ballard is in demand as a writer/producer and mixer in his own right.

    With a CV including work for Christina Aguilera, Natasha Bedingfield, Leona lewis, Shayne Ward, Lemar, Girls Aloud, Nate James and Blazing squad plus production/co-writes with major European successes such as Monrose, Queensberry, Zascha moktan and No Angels, he is now in demand for his own style of pop productions and mixes in many different genres from urban-pop to rock. Chris is based at his own studio, the Snowdome, near London.

  • Currently working with/writing for:

    Twizzle - Warner Music Group
    Roxanne emery - LATE Records
    Bonnie Bailey - Fierce Angel/Strictly Rhythm
    Max buschol - Universal
    Whitenights - Universal
    Black ponys - LAX

Christian Ballard
songwriter / producer / mixer




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